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The aim of ARCHITECTURA PICTA is the planning and pictorial construction of fresco interiors using architectural, symbolic and ornamental subjects, on panels or in specific sites.

ARCHITECTURA PICTA works in the sphere of the theory of ' Decorum ' which is at the basis of all the great Renaissance art cycles. Each piece is specific to its individual site so it can be adapted to all the ' fortuitous necessities ' that may exist to accomplish the functions for which it is required.

To decorate means, above all to fit out, in other words a place that is purely useful, as a dining room or an anonymous corridor, that is from the physical point of view solely functional, can be given a decor that transforms the useful into the beautiful and the practical into the spiritual.
The paintings of ARCHITECTURA PICTA are contemporary and highly communicative, because they link the high quality of the fresco method of painting and modern technological innovations, that today allow pieces to create in the studio, even for large surface areas, and then mounted in its intended site and thus also reducing production costs.
ARCHITECTURA PICTA is a flexible structure, able to plan and construct wall paintings
by fresco of the highest quality in accordance with the client's needs. –
Anyone who has the need to communicate a particular idea or atmosphere which is classical and at the same time innovative, can find a valuable help in the solutions proposed by ARCHITECTURA PICTA.