The artworks of Preciousss.it_design are hand -made and are always absolutely unique.

Particular shapes can be produced on request.

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Nina Muzzi's workshop.


Preciousss, Nina Muzzi's workshop is up in the hills surrounding Anghiari, in Tuscany close to Umbria
Immersed in the deep green of centuries-olds chestnut and oak woods we can find an extraordinary oasis of enchantment, that is Nina Muzzi's workshop.
A tobacco leaves dryer in origin; the workshop of Nina Muzzi has changed its contents but not the structure.
Through time soot has blackened the walls making the space still more evocative, a place outside time.
Through time Nina Muzzi has given attention to find out what was unique and irreducible in her search for artwork making.
Through time Nina Muzzi has been able to unfold an art of her own and to create a unique material and
Nina Muzzi, manipulating her unique material, has been able to determine, through its own operation, the effects exclusive to itself.
Nina Muzzi has, thus, been able to realise what is unique in the nature of its medium and accomplishing her task, she has rendered her art "pure" and in its "purity" is the guarantee of her standard of quality as well as of her independence.